"Enterprise confidant" in action | to help enterprises solve problems and expand business

来源:   时间: 2023-08-18 16:46
  Yu Zhan, director of the Commercial Bureau of High-tech Zone, is the "enterprise confidant" of Jilin City Xincheng Jiayun Automobile Sales Co., LTD.。He adheres to the service enterprise concept of doing practical things for enterprises, doing good things, and doing things, takes the practical feelings of enterprises as the final standard, and assists enterprises in sorting out development ideas and solving enterprise demands。
  First, take the initiative to communicate with enterprises。Several times deep in the enterprise, make friends with the person in charge of the enterprise, respect the enterprise, and empathize with the enterprise。Comprehensively understand the situation of the enterprise, do their homework, regularly inquire about the operation of the enterprise, master the operation dynamics, and help the enterprise to win all kinds of policy support at all levels。
  The second is to help solve the problems that restrict the development of enterprises。In the past two months, the person in charge of the enterprise has put forward the need to increase the exhibition hall area and financing。Yu Zhan many field visits, communication and coordination, in the south district of Gaoxin for the enterprise to find a place3000Square meter exhibition hall。目前20A demonstration car has arrived at the store for trial operation。At the same time of reporting the financing needs of enterprises to help enterprises service platform, Yu Zhan coordinated a branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the docking of enterprises, and is currently handling relevant procedures。
  The third is to help enterprises expand their business。Take the initiative to help enterprises to connect with upstream industrial chain enterprises, help enterprises to expand operations and expand the market。Help the enterprise to connect with Jilin City Asian-Pacific Longshan Automobile Chassis Co., LTD., communicate with light truck distribution matters。Enterprises are encouraged to explore international trade channels in combination with existing second-hand car business, and study the feasibility of scrapping projects。(Li Haibo, Bureau of Commerce)
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